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Two tall glasses of this cranberry ginger mocktail recipe garnished with a sprig of rosemary and cocktail pick of fresh cranberries

Mocktails have all the fun and charm of a cocktail but without the alcohol. Finding good, non-alcoholic drink recipes allow you to enjoy a special beverage even if you’re choosing to skip the alcohol.

This Cranberry Ginger Sparkler Mocktail recipe is a light and refreshing drink. The cranberry and ginger flavors of this mocktail lend this to being a fun fall and winter drink option, however it would be a great mocktail to enjoy all year round! Kombucha is often touted as having a wide variety of health benefits, most notably in regards to helping with digestion due to its probiotic properties. While this is an added bonus, the main goal for me when making this drink was taste! And this mocktail recipe turned out deliciously.


Level of difficulty: Very easy. All you need to do is eyeball approximately the same amount of each ingredient (or use a liquid measure if you want to be more precise).

Flavor: This mocktail is both tart and sweet. Cranberry and ginger are the dominant flavors, and it is mildly carbonated from the kombucha. Adding a sprig of rosemary as garnish adds a really lovely floral note to your drink.

Texture: Mildly bubbly, fizzy

Time: From start-to-finish, it will take you approximately 3 minutes to mix up your Cranberry Ginger Sparkler (it really depends on how quickly you pour and stir).

Ingredient shot for this mocktail recipe, showing lemonade, ginger kombucha, and 100% cranberry juice


100% Cranberry Juice: the tart notes of the 100% cranberry juice is a key component in this mocktail recipe. I recommend using 100% cranberry juice as it does not have all of the added sugars and sweeteners that cranberry juice cocktails have

Ginger Kombucha: the ginger is the other key flavor in this mocktail recipe. Use a good quality kombucha that you like

Lemonade: the lemonade adds just enough sweetness to this mocktail recipe to balance out the tartness of the cranberry and ginger. This is the last piece of the puzzle to create a perfectly balanced and enjoyable drink!


  1. Fill a glass about halfway full with ice

  2. Add equal parts cranberry juice, kombucha, and lemonade. Stir to combine

  3. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a cocktail skewer loaded with 3-4 fresh cranberries

  4. Enjoy!

A different view of two glasses filled with this cranberry ginger mocktail, served on ice with a sprig of rosemary and a cocktail pick of cranberries


What should I do if my Cranberry Ginger Sparkler is too sweet? Add a splash (or two) of either the 100% cranberry juice or the ginger kombucha to your mocktail, stir, and enjoy!

What should I do if my Cranberry Ginger Sparkler is too tart? Add a splash (or two) of the lemonade to your mocktail, stir, and enjoy!

Why do you emphasize using 100% cranberry juice vs. cranberry cocktail? This Cranberry Ginger Mocktail recipe was created using the tart 100% cranberry juice on purpose. Not only does the tartness of the 100% cranberry juice get balanced out with the lemonade, 100% cranberry juice does not have all of the added sugars and sweeteners (often including high-fructose corn syrup) that cranberry juice cocktails have.

What is the best kombucha to use for this mocktail recipe? I personally like GT’s Synergy raw kombucha ‘Gingerade’ for this mocktail recipe. But there are many brands of kombucha out there. If you have a favorite brand of kombucha that makes a ginger variety, try it out! I’m sure it will be perfect for this drink.

I’m skeptical about using kombucha...can I use something else? I hear you, kombucha isn’t for everyone. If you’d prefer to use a different ingredient for the ginger portion of this mocktail recipe, I would recommend using ginger beer. My personal favorite is Cock ‘n Bull.

How many ounces of each of the ingredients do I need? The amount of each ingredient is dependent on what size glass you want to serve this in. Since this is a non-alcoholic drink option, I usually drink this in a tall, high-ball glass (so I can enjoy more of it!). What’s important is that you have enough of each ingredient to use equal parts of 100% cranberry juice, ginger kombucha, and lemonade.

What if I don’t have rosemary for garnish? No rosemary? No problem! While the sprig of fresh rosemary infuses a really enjoyable flavor into this drink, it still tastes great without it.

I like booze, what can I add to this drink to make it a cocktail instead? Gin! Add a 1-2oz jigger of your favorite gin to this mocktail recipe to change it into a cocktail recipe.